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Hearing Testing for Preschoolers & Children

~ I perform behavioral hearing testing for preschoolers (who are at least 3 years old & will reliably wear headphones) and school-age children, as well for adults who may question if their hearing is worsening as they get older.

~ I test the softest sounds one can hear in each ear, for a variety of pitches that are important for learning, understanding and expressing speech.

~ A simple game is played with younger children to make the testing interesting and fun.  Older children can raise a hand or say "yes" when they hear a tone if they do not prefer a game.

~ This test can replace the pediatrician's screening at the 4-year well visit OR the testing required for entry into kindergarten or a day care facility.  I provide all appropriate documentation.  Results are given immediately.

Older Infant & Toddler Screening

It is never too late to have a hearing screening!  Please don't feel you have missed your opportunity.  I am still able to screen babies older than 8 weeks up to about 15 months!

~ Otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) are used for older infants and toddlers..  OAEs test the function and health of the organ of hearing by measuring small responses in the ear canal with a soft headphone.

~ Your child does not need to be sleeping for this test. It is a very quick and painless test, but cannot be performed if the child is crying. If your child does not like a doctor looking in their ear, this test will likely not be successful. Contact me for other options. 

~ Like the newborn hearing screening, you will receive results and recommendations immediately following the screening.

~ I offer two kinds of screening for newborns: OAE and AABR. The OAE uses a small tip, placed in your baby's ear and delivers soft clicking sounds to determine the health and function of the organ of hearing.  Babies who do not initially pass this screening will be tested with an AABR screen at the same appointment.

~The AABR uses 3 small sensors placed on your baby's head and evaluates the brain's response to a whisper-soft sound.

~ I perform screenings in-home or by appointment at Fort Worth Birth Center, Origins, and Family Birth Services. See Events page or schedule online!

What you need to know before we meet:

~ Your baby and family must be quiet during the test. Nursing or feeding is favorable.

~ Texas recommends the screening be completed by one month, however, there is no time expiration on completing the test.  The average age of the babies I see is from 4-8 weeks.  I am comfortable seeing babies of all ages.

~ You will receive the results of the screening immediately. 

~ Most babies pass the hearing screening.  Should your baby refer on the test, it does not mean hearing loss is certain.  As a skilled pediatric audiologist, I am adequately equipped to counsel and guide you through the next steps should your baby need follow-up testing.

~ Much like the heel prick/blood spot newborn screening, Texas law requires me to submit infant hearing results to the Texas Early Hearing Detection and Intervention program. 

Newborn Hearing Screening